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Gonzalo Borondo Colera Rome 2017 IT Run Servadio Canemorto trio


On 25 March 2017, Galleria Varsi presents Colera, an exhibition of monotypes created by Borondo, Run, Canemorto and Michele Servadio. Colera derives from a spontaneous project
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'SHOW' is the mural realized during ArtRepublic in Jacksonville, Florida (USA) during November 2016. The artwork is realized with acrylic on wall. Photo coverage is by Iryna Kanishcheva "All that once
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"Sacrum Fieri" is the artwork realized for DesOrdes during September 2016 inside the high school  'IES Maruxa Mallo' at Ordes (SP). The mural is realized with acrylic on wall. Photo
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Gonzalo Borondo Psyque Zaragoza 2016 España Asalto Fest A.L. Crego


‘PSYCHE’ is the mural realized at ASALTO in Zaragoza (SP) during September 2016. The artwork is realized with acrylic on wall. Photo coverage lLluis Olieve Bulbena. Each head painted
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'WILKOMMEN' is the artwork realized for Project M/9 “Colors”, curated by Justkids and StreetArtNews for URBAN NATION, during June 2016 in Berlin (D). The mural is realized with acrylic
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'RIVERS' I & II are the artworks realized at MURO - Festival de Arte Urbana de Lisboa, curated by Mistaker Maker, in Lisbon (PT) during May
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Gonzalo Borondo Ubiquitas Rome 2016 Italy Paradiso Inclinato Collective


'UBIQUITAS' is the installation realized at Paradiso Inclinato exhibition,curated by Luca Tomio, in the Ex Dogana, Rome (IT) during April 2016. The installation is realized with
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Borondo + Alexis Diaz

Artwork realized in collaboration with Alexis Diaz at the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico in San Juan (PR) during february 2016. The mural intervention is realized whit acrylic
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The artwork realized for PUBLIC Festival at the Curtin's University in Perth (AUS) during April 2016. The mural is realized with acrylic on wall. Photo coverage by Luke Shirlaw.
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