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“Stop the ZAL. Project to recover La Punta”
SENSEMURS: 1st Meeting of Muralists in support of La Huerta

Aryz, Blu, Borondo, Escif, Anaïs Florin, Hyuro, Liqen, Luzinterruptus, Daniel Muñoz “SAN”, Sam3, Elías Taño

La Punta, district of the south of València known historically for its rural life, has been the victim of repeated abuses by the administrations. 

The project of “Zone of Logistic Activities” (ZAL in Spanish) promoted by the port of València and the City Council, implied that its protection was withdrawn, a hundred of families were expelled from the zone and the orchards and houses were devastated to yield an enormous plot to the port, which is still abandoned today.

The artistic project intends to raise awareness of the importance of protecting La Huerta and its inhabitants by saying NO to the ZAL. The citizens have the right to decide a better future for the place they live in, through policies that preserve their culture and identity and natural value of the area. The recovery of La Punta would be the symbol that another kind of development is possible, giving priority to the natural environment, its inhabitants and their living heritage. 

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Sray on haystack

Goliat’s head is the universal symbol of the small man fighting the giant, apparently powerless, beating the powerful. The straw totem representing Goliath’s head, built within the space where before there was a house destroyed by the arrogance of the “elders”, burns just like during a purification cathartic rite.

Acrylic on wall

The Aldaba is a common object that we can still find in the Eastern area of Spain, whose original purpose was the request of asylum, protection. Shelter for somebody at one time, this is what remains from the house.

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