Realised by Gonzalo Borondo and 56FILI – Produced by Chiara Pietropaoli

The Art book documents the research behind, the starting point and the realisation of N̶O̶N̶  PLUS ULTRA, installation realised by the artist in collaboration with 56FILI curated by Chiara Pietropaoli. The Art book contains sketches, photographic references, pictures of the work in progress, the installation, the archive and silkscreen on glass and paper.

100 copies – Limited Edition
Hard cover Sirio Ultra Black paper 370 gr. and glass 4mm with silkscreen printing 2 colours photos and sketches photocopies on Sirio Colour Nude 115 paper, 210 gr.
36 pages
Size: 20 x 40 cm
Hand bound
Numbered by the Artist
Inside book
40 pages
20 x 14 cm
Freelife Vellum White paper 100 gr.
Interview with the Artist
Non Plus Ultra’s photos digital print

Editorial Design: Alessandro Petrocco
Photo Credit: Giorgio Benni